Philippe Clement: “Saw plenty of positive things”

A great first half performance by Philippe Clement's side took Club in the lead, and in a rougher second half, Blauw-Zwart managed to keep the Ukrainians at bay. Club's coach was happy with the 1-0 first leg result.


“This was clearly a different level than what we have met with in the league so far. As we had already been through a lot of footage on Kiev, we weren't really surprised. It's a team with lots of qualities, with players playing alongside each other for a long time. After six weeks, with five new guys, I have already seen plenty of positive things of my team. Things are going better every game, and I expect my team to keep growing. I'm particularly pleased with the first half, with some fine build-up from the back from our part. In the second half, we were a bit restless in possession, keeping us from further controlling the game. But a 1-0 win in Europe is always a great result. A goal in Kiev means they will have to score three.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Clement's decision to allow Simon Mignolet his first playing minutes paid off in spades, as the new Club goalie put in an excellent performance. "Simon has played his part. For someone fresh in the club, and with only one training session, that's just great. He has shown he comes with lots of maturity.” (SF)

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