Philippe Clement: “Show audacity against everyone”

Club Brugge is raring to go. Six games long. The new Champions League campaign presents the opportunity to shine again, both on and off the pitch. “We want to show audacity against every team, and prove that we have grown; we do not want to fall out of tune”, coach Philippe Clement laid out his ambitions this afternoon.

Hans Vanaken on…chances of winning

Hans Vanaken has made quite a name for himself with his earlier European games. Club's golden boot is determined to add another chapter to an already impressive list of top European performances. “Both me and the team have made quite some headway in the past years. There's no comparting this team to the one Michel Preud’homme lined up in the Champions League. Our mindset was not to fail at that point, and we lacked the experience to get out of rough situations. After the two last campaigns, that experience has grown in the dressing room, and the newcomers have already shown their mettle in an international respect. We are looking forward to bringing pain to our opponents, not the easiest, and to make the most of their weaknesses. We will be taking on every game with the idea of winning it.”

Philippe Clement on…the hopes for victory

Club kicks off its campaign with the weakest team in the group, albeit in theory. A home win against the Turkish champions would be a dream start in the Champions League, and a perfect continuation of Club's European tour so far. “In view of a possible next round, a win against the Turks would come as a serious boost. Mind you, there's no guarantee for claiming the three points against Galatasaray. A sense of euphoria will not be taking over this team in case we win. A draw would be a different story altogether, and a defeat means we are in for a race to get back up. It wouldn't mean we would be throwing the towel, however. We will be selling our lives dearly in the six games to come. But let's not get ahead of things. Galatasaray has a very strong outfit. Our group will try and make the most of it.”

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