Philippe Clement: “Unable to capitalise on our moments”

A chivalrous Philippe Clement admitted his team had more than met its match in Dortmund. Club suffered a chanceless 3-0 defeat, and proved unable to cause a stir in Germany.


“After the draw, I immediately indicated Dortmund would be the big favourites in our group. It's a team that's out of our legue. In games like this, you know you have to capitalise on those moments you're bound to get. And we did have them, the moments we could have scored a goal, but unfortunately we couldn't make the most of them. When you want to get a result against a team of this calibre, you know it's going to take a couple of miracles: a goalkeeper getting his hands on just about everything, and deadly efficiency up front to make the most of those few chances. I know what it's like, having beaten Milan once with Club. Unfortunately none of those miracles happened today, so this is a logical result.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

The 2-0 just before half time came as a blow to the visitors. “We had a fine chance five minutes into the game, but you just know you have to make the most of those chances. After that we conceded a goal, but also had our moments in the transition. Just before half time, we concede that free kick, and they curl it in magnificently, which really cut us short. We had trouble creating chances in the second half, but there's nothing I can say when it comes to the mentality of my team. They really fought for it, but you just know the gap in quality is too big.” (SF)

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