Philippe Clement: “Urged my team to keep going, despite the lead”

After the fine draw at Real Madrid, Club Brugge once again made a mark against AA Gent. Blauw-Zwart won 4-0, something that clearly pleased coach Philippe Clement.


“Really happy with the result, and with the way we went about it. I asked my team to take matters in hand from the very first second, and to keep up the pace we upheld in the Champions League. I also asked my team to keep going, despite the lead. It all worked out perfectly, even if there were some things that could have gone better. We had a let off at times too, and we have a marvelous Mignolet to count on when needed.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

The win is a great result for Club, but Clement keeps both feet firmly on the ground. "4-0 against the team that has performed so well so far, that's an important given. But we have to keep working hard and make sure we pick the right boys for every game. What's most important is that they don't play for themselves, but that they work for one another. The machine is running smoothly, but there are still some tweaks we can perform to get it running even better. The fact that we are still unbowed after sixteen games, means my team is very focused. And the game against Mouscron will have to be no different. A good start is vital, but a season is like a marathon. We should not waver, as others might try and overtake us. We need to stay sharp and keep demanding the most of ourselves.” (SF)

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