Saturday 6 February 2021 21:30

Philippe Clement: “We lacked killer instint today”

Philippe Clement saw his team dominate the game from the first to the last whistle, but he had to wait for the second goal until the last minute of stoppage time.

“We showed lots of good things today, but we didn't reward ourselves or at least far too late", Clement said after the game. "We should have scored that second goal a lot sooner. We should have been more efficient in front of goal, because the opponent can always score a goal out of nowhere. That's something to work on, because I don't want to drop points in a game where we are the better side. We've had enough chances to score more than two goals. We lacked a killer instint today. We've had really good chances that always should have resulted in a goal given the qualities my players have." (SF))

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

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