Saturday 4 December 2021 23:15

Philippe Clement: “We should have decided the match more quickly"

Philippe Clement saw how his team had to keep fighting until the final whistle to keep the three points home against Seraing. The Blues succeeded and can now travel to Paris with confidence.

“The match at PSG will be totally different", said the coach of the Blues. "You have to see this match in perspective: last Sunday we played more than one half with ten men while we played 120 minutes on Wednesday. However, we should have decided this match much earlier. We also had some one hundred percent chances in the second half but the suspense remains as long as the difference is only one goal. We made it difficult for ourselves by not scoring more. It is frustrating that we conceded two goals but I especially remember that the youngsters showed a lot of qualities today."


Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

One of these youngsters was Cisse Sandra. This season the 17-year-old already showed his qualities in the Youth League and he now scored his first goal on the highest level. “I am very satisfied about how Cisse was strong at the ball and about his work ethics. He is an intelligent guy who is already training with the group for a while now. He learned a lot at Club NXT last season. Noah Mbamba and Cisse saw the beautiful example of Charles De Ketelaere. These two youngsters have the potential to become key players here just like Charles. They still have a long way to go but both of them have a strong head which is very important.” (SF)

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