Thursday 26 August 2021 17:45

Philippe Clement: "Great for the fans"

After the - very tough - draw, our coach shares his view on the group Club has been drawn in.

"Beforehand I hadn't tought about a dream draw, but this is one of the toughest possible. It's great for our fans to see the football stars in our stadium. I hope they can travel with us, because they deserve to watch these games. We're going to need their support." In this so called Group of death it will be extremely difficult, but our coach will not surrender without a fight. "We're going to start these matches with a competitive team. We want to show our qualities and go for it. But you need to be realistic, it will be extremely hard."

One of the most well-known coaches of the previous years, Pep Guardiola, will come to Jan Breydel. "As a head coach, I'm looking forward to welcome him. He's a coach who's inspirered a lot of other coaches with his view on football."

Leipzig is less known, but not an easier opponent. "For the outside world, for the fans, Leipzig is perhaps less "sexy", but if you finish second in the Bundesliga before Dortmunt, than you have all the information you need: they are a great team."

"I have already called our physical coach for some extra sessions", Clement jokes. "Before the draw we said to ourselves to take our chance. It will be quite a challenge to compete with these teams."

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