Wednesday 3 November 2021 23:30

Philippe Clement: "Lessons learned from home game"

Coach Philippe Clement saw his team put on a more than decent performance against Manchester City, despite the 4-1 defeat.

"Our team's performance today was a lot better than a fortnight ago", Clement said in his post-match interview. "It's clear that we have learned from that game. We tried to keep a solid organization, but still with the intent to go forward when we can and to create something. That worked out better than in our home game. In the beginning of the match we struggled with City's high pressure, which we had expected, but without giving too much away. We grew into the game, got behind but responded well and even got the equaliser. The turning point in the second half was our chance to get in front. We missed that chance and one minute later we concede a second goal. If we had scored that second goal, we might have been able to get the players more nervous. To be fair, I think the 4-1 final score is a tad exagerated. Don't get me wrong: City absolutely deserved the win, but perhaps a three-goal difference is a bit too much. We made a few too many small mistakes ourselves. In general I'm proud and pleased of our performance tonight. Especially because I see how the players improved from our home game against City. We are making progress. The mistakes we made that led to City's goals is something we'll keep working on in the months to come." (SF)

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

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