Philippe Clement looks ahead to Club – KAA Gent: “Focus on ourselves”

Will the impressive series of matches without losing one be extended on Sunday afternoon against the Buffalo's? The Club fans are hoping for it but coach Philippe Clement knows that this will only be the case when Club play on their Champions League level.

Clement about… Real

The Belgian media are still talking about Club's game in Madrid this week. The first questions for Philippe Clement were about that game and the Club coach looked back with a pleasure. "It gives of course a positive feeling", says the Club coach. "My expectations were very high before the game but everyone was willing to go the extra mile. They did what they had to do so I can only praise my players. Bernabéu was a big step in our development process. It is pity that we only got two points out of two Champions League fixtures. Four beautiful challenges are waiting for us and we hope to bring the same and maybe to still do a little bit better."


Clement about… Dennis

Emmanuel Dennis Bonaventure. A lot of conversations about the Nigerian striker of the Blues had place the past couple of days. He never got that much attention in his career before. It is definitely not easy to deal with it. "He keeps both feet on the ground", says Clement. "He was hungry during the training session this morning and is focusing on Sunday's game. That provides me with a good feeling. I talk almost every day with him. He would quickly notice it when things start going badly."


Clement about… Ghent

The flight back of KAA Gent after their game in Ukraine did not go fluently. A crash of a cargo plane close to the airport of Lviv made some victims and created delays. AA Gent already had less time to recover from their European game without this delay. "Every team is faced with it at a certain point in time. Therefore, you don't have to pay attention to that. We have to focus on Sunday and try to keep the three points home."


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