Wednesday 29 September 2021 00:15

Philippe Clement: "So proud of the team and the way they went about it"

Nothing but smiles as coach Philippe Clement was asked his opinion on the upset win at RB Leipzig.

"Once again I'm so proud of my group, and particularly in the way this victory came about. I saw a fantastic first half, with lots of quality in possession, and a deserved lead at half-time. After the break, we had a bit more difficulty, but we showed a lot of solidarity then. Charles was still ill two days ago, and was out of energy in the second half. His replacement Wesley had trouble keeping hold of the ball up front, but that's when you saw how the team worked for each other. We even had our chance on 1-3 through Noa, I'm still not entirely convinced that was in off-side position."

The coach also addressed the intensity of the game. "We have been playing high-intensity games for two years now, but in the Champions League the level of play is still much higher. We keep training hard to take the necessary steps, though. We need to find other ways to tackle these big guns with higher budgets and more quality in their selection. Last season we had more guts ion possession, and we keep growing this season. I rate this game very high, as RB Leipzig has a fantastic outfit."

Clement will not abate, however. "This just makes me long for more, and I want to keep everyone focused in order to grow to a higher level. Leipzig also deployed several different tactics, but my players reacted perfectly, which is also a huge step forward."

Finally, our coach also had something to say about his captain Hans Vanaken. "Hans joined in the Euros, and only had a little bit of vacation. It's only logical that he wasn't top level at the start of the season. He needed a bit more time to grow to his best level , and the confidence boost with the Red Devils must have played its part too", a proud coach Clement concluded. (TM)

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