Tuesday 17 May 2016 17:00

Reactions after the title (I)

The title brings among a lot for everyone with a heart for the Blues. We listened on and next to the field to what the players themselves had to say about their performance on Sunday and during the whole season.


Timmy Simons could celebrate the title exactly eleven years after the previous one. The captain made the 4-0 himself from the penalty point. "Everyone who saw this game knows that this title is more than deserved", says a happy captain. "We had a very good season. We were close the past couple of years but the play-offs have always been hard for us. We tried to be at our best level during the play-offs this year and we did it. We also tried it last year but we were not sharp enough because of the Cup and the Europe League. But we succeeded now. This is really awesome. Especially if you see the support. Our arrival here at the stadium was already incredible but it also causes nerves. It causes pressure. But when you see how the group dealt with it... I have to congratulate every single player. This group is able to achieve a lot. Anyway, this is my most beautiful title. Finally, I am able to give something back to everyone who believed in it year after year. I hope our fans will not destroy the stadium but I am afraid they will." (SF)

Bjorn Engels had an incredible week. First a selection for the European Championships and now the title with the Blues. "I think the 4-0 is clear", says the central defender. "We just outclassed Anderlecht today and everything else does not matter. It started with the 5-0 against Zulte, then the 3-0 against Genk and last week the 1-4 at Gent. Nobody can say we stole it this year. Beating the biggest rival from Brussel 4-0 is the apotheosis. Yes, that feels awesome. I already said it. The pressure increased every week due to the media but we kept our focus and you can see the result." (FDC)

Thomas Meunier had more than his share in this title of the Blues. He gave the assist for the opening goal of Diaby on Sunday. The Red Devil clearly enjoyed afterwards. "My selection for the European Championships is a beautiful reward and we qualitfy for the Champions League because we seize the title. It was a good week. This year was really exceptional on our own field. We only lost against Anderlecht. We now get the reward after working hard. It was not always easy to deal with the pressure this week. The media increased the suspension. But we have a staff that keeps us calm. You could see that at our performance on the field. The role of Preud'homme was to make players better. He worked very hard from the start till the end. Club will now try to keep the players and staff together for the Champions League. But we will celebrate first. Club arranged something for us so that we can enjoy this incredible moment. Two more games are following afterwards. We will also try to win at Zulte and at home against Oostende. For ourselves and for the fans." (KN)

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