Thursday 25 February 2021 23:45

Rik De Mil: “Should have been more efficient”

Qualifying for the next round would have been merited, but in the end, Club suffered a serious setback with minutes on the clock. Coach ad interim Rik De Mil regretted the missed opportunities, but also highlighted the great European campaign Club has gone through this season.

“We hardly gave anything away, but we should have been more efficient. When you don't make the most of your chances, there's always that risk. And in the end the worst possible scenario entailed, conceding in the closing stages of the game. That's a huge let down. I just came from our dressing rooms, and there's nothing but disappointment. We thoroughly knew that we desereved better, and that we should have gone through. The boys on the pitch deserved more than this too. It was a thrilling European campaign, but it could have been even better. But let's focus on the many good things and keep working the way we are.”

Rik De Mil
Rik De Mil

Covid-19 had already wreaked quite some havoc in the Club selection, and to make matters even worse, Bas Dost was forced to leave the pitch injured after sixty minutes. “It's hard to assess just how badly he is injured. We'll be looking into that with the medical staff tomorrow, and hope that it's not all that bad. We asked a lot of this group, and that takes its toll. It's always a major disappointment to see a player fall out. Making up for the loss of those Covid-19 players is one thing, but when players started getting injured too, you know it will be hard as a team. Physically too. That's what also played its part by the end of the game.”


Next up on Sunday, another game awaits in the away mission at AA Gent. "We will have to wait and see who can play. There's another testing round tomorrow, so we will see who's available. To boot, we need to look into the physicall readiness of our players. I'm not so worried about motivation, as this group is extremely motivated and very professional.” (SF)

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