Ruud Vormer: “Continue along these lines”

Nothing but happy faces after the win against Genk. No different with Ruud Vormer, who's clearly getting back to his excellent ways.


“We should try and continue along these lines. This way we can not only overcome Genk, but all of our opponents. Some may say that this 3-1 win is a bit exaggerated, but I don't agree. I reckon we saw an excellent Club Brugge today, with lots of positive football, forward pressure, keeping Genk from playing its usual game. Scoring two fine goals in the first half, you just cannot give it away in the second.”

Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

Vormer took care of the all-deciding 3-1 personally. “A nice little moment in the game was when I scored our third goal, when the coach personally congratulated me with my goal. I never really had any trouble with him. It wasn't much more than being a bit cross when I was taken off against Gent. But that's not what matters. It's clear that we are back on track now. We should try and continue along these lines, both at Salzburg and at Anderlecht.” (FDC)

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