Saturday 3 November 2018 21:30

Ruud Vormer: “Go for the three points in Monaco”

Ruud Vormer started from the bench, coming on with just twenty minutes on the clock. The Dutchman wasn't entirely happy with the point harvested at the leaders.

“I reckon more was in it for us today. Genk was the better team in the first twenty minutes, but after that we put on high pressure, causing them stress and creating chances for us. But all in all a point at Genk is not that bad.” The midfielder was very keen on coming on in fine spirits. “Starting from the bench isn't all that easy, especially if you're captaining a team, so it's only logical I was intent on showing my skills in the minutes I did play. The coach makes his decisions based on sportive issues, so giving me some rest was not the case here. My stats haven't been that great this year, and Mats is doing really well.”

Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

To finish off, Club's skipper offered his views on the CL encounter in Monaco on Tuesday. "This result should help us underway to Monaco. We'll be training hard to make sure we go for the three points in Monaco.” (VM)

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