Thursday 18 February 2021 19:15

Ruud Vormer: “Good result under difficult circumstances”

Club drew 1-1 in Kiev and delivered a mature peformance on the pitch despite the many absent players and the freezing cold. Brandon Mechele scored thanks to a good corner of captain Ruud Vormer.

“It was not easy to play in these circumstances", said the captain of the Blues. "It was freezing cold so we are happy with this good result in difficult circumstances. Now we have to do our job at home next week. The opening goal came as a surprise because I thought we were the better team before but we did not panic and continued playing our game. I had the feeling we could have better used the space to create opportunities to score."


Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

The opening goal came as a surprise but Club pushed harder afterwards. "Indeed", told Ruud. "We knew immediately we had to score as well to increase our chances to pass to the next round. The header of Brandon was deserved in my opinion. I think we should be able to qualify next week with a full squad. But we cannot underestimate Kiev." (FDC)

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