Sunday 23 January 2022 16:15

Ruud Vormer: “I really think we played a good match"

Club could again not win against Standard. The match ended 2-2. The Blues lose points again although Ruud Vormer could live with that after the final whistle.

“2-2 is a fair score", said the captain of the Blues. "Standard could have won but if Charles would have scored  before, we could still have won ourselves as well. These matches can end in any way. I think we were the better team, especially if you look at the number of chances. Yes, I really think we played a good match. You only have to use your chances efficiently. If we would have done so, we would have won. Things are not yet going the way our coach would like but I think things are moving in the right direction. You may not forget we are only working with each other for approximately three weeks not. We have to pay attention on the counterattack. Our positioning was not good when Standard scored the opening goal. In this way, we were running behind the facts. I am feeling well in my new role as defensive midfielder. I can also attack sometimes. The position switches with Hans that occur in this way make it harder for our opponent to defend. That also went well this afternoon. (FDC)

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