Ruud Vormer: “Just fantastic for everyone"

Fighting for every bit of grass at Jan Breydel, Ruud Vormer lead the way for Club past the Austrians from Linz. A deserved qualification was his share.


“Our tactical approach was up to par. We started out great, kept it wide. But what would top it off is that goal to really hurt them from the start. And that was what we forgot to do. Linz brought some fine football. Then finally that 1-0 came after one of my corner kicks, but then that penalty followed. We all make mistakes, and many times it turns out fine, and one time you miss out. I for one am really happy with the qualification. Back in the Champions League, ready to take points. I'm hoping for one of the big names now. Madrid or Barça would be great at Jan Breydel. We'll see what happens tomorrow.”

Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

Making it to the Group Stages through preliminaries is something to be proud of. "It beats the Europa League. For the club too, the cash comes rolling in. But it definitely wasn't a given. With Kiev, theoretically a better outfit than ours. But still we managed to get past them. Then there was Linz that had just eliminated Basel. It was bound to be a fiery game. That's why that 0-1 last week was so important. This can add some spice to our season, and that's just fantastic for all of us here at Club Brugge.” (KN)

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