Ruud Vormer: “Really enjoyed our performance”

The so-called Battle of Flanders ended in a thoroughly deserved win for the hosts, sending off AA Gent 3-0. The way this came about was awe inspiring. Taking care of Club's opener was Ruud Vormer, the pinnacle of Club's attacking success.


“I really enjoyed Club Brugge tonight. Not only did we go 100% the entire ninety minutes, but we were also very strong in the first 25. If we take on the remainder of Play-Off 1 this way, I reckon we'll be very close to our second consecutive title. I read in the newspapers that we were ready for it, and I reckon it's fair to say that those were not just words. This past week, I had a very good feeling at training, which clearly came to life in our game against AA Gent.”

Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

It was a rampant Club against Gent, with danger coming from everywhere. "I don't think our play was wing-based, but we really asked them all sorts of questions anywhere on the pitch. I know, this was only the first game of Play-Off 1, but I hope we'll be just as fine against Anderlecht on Thursday. We really do stand a chance to finally claim the three points there. The wheelings and dealings of our coach next season, that's really something our board is taking care of. We only want one thing, and that is to become champions again.” (FDC)  

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