Ruud Vormer: “Wanted to give everything for the fans and our coach”

As expected, the game against Antwerp was a fiery one with all the bells and whistles. A lead, one goal down and winning in the final minutes. A gratifying win, one that also pleased Ruud Vormer.


“You know it's going to get rough when you're playing Antwerp. And today was no different. I don't know whether we deserved the win, even if we could have killed them off in the first half already. When they took the lead in the second half, I didn't think we would be able to make up for that. The penalty we scored gave us wings, and in the final minutes of the game we managed to score a third, and cut their breath off. Clearly we had a difficult time playing football, as our defense was reshuffled, but I reckon both Rits and Decarli put in a fine job.”

Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

Nothing more at stake for Club Brugge, it seemed, but that's where the Dutchman disagreed. “That wasn't our idea, you know. We really wanted to make something of this for our loyal fans, and for this alone I'm happy we were able to beat Antwerp. And of course we also wanted to give everything for our coach too. We are now saying goodbye, and that's gonna hurt, as we achieved great things together, players, coach and technical staff.” (FDC)

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