Friday 7 May 2021 23:00

Ruud Vormer: “We gave it away"

Club didn't play a bad game at Genk but lost 3-0. Captain Ruud Vormer wasn't happy afterwards.

“In my opinion we certainly didn't play a bad first half", said the captain of the Blues. "We had everything under control and created at least two good opportunities to score. Mats Rits, for instance, got a good chance but unfortunately we couldn't score. We certainly didn't start bad in the second half but we just gave the goals away. Don't ask me why because I have no idea. It is our own fault. We still have five points more than Genk and that of course creates suspense which is of course good for the people who love the play-offs. The next match at Antwerp will be very important now but all matches in the play-offs are of course important." (FDC)

Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

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