Ruud Vormer: “We played too slowly”

Ruud Vormer started on the bench but appeared on the field after halftime. However, the Blues could also not score with him on the pitch.


“We thought we would keep the three points home today", said the captain of the Blues. "We saw their game against Ghent and really wanted to win. We wanted to score early in order to be relaxed afterwards but we could not score and that is why we are frustrated now. Our level was not high enough today. We just need to score when we get a chance. We played too slowly and it is always difficult then against such opponents. You need to find the attackers on the ground and look for the combinations but we did not manage to do so."


Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

Club wanted a penalty in the second half after Vormer got a push in the back. "For me it was a clear penalty. I felt him in my neck. Sometimes I do not understand what they are doing in that bus. Maybe they say 'he couldn't get the ball' but they also whistle when something similar happens on midfield. However, we need to stay positive and focus on Tuesday's game now." (KN)

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