Thursday 25 February 2021 23:30

Ruud Vormer: “What a let-off”

For a long time in the game, Club seemed to be heading towards the Round of 16, but it only took one chance for Kiev to make it 0-1. A huge disappointment, not in the least for Ruud Vormer.

“This is a huge blow', Club's skipper started out. "They only needed one chance to beat us. We also had our share of slight chances, but it didn't go our way, and maybe we just weren't good enough either. Everyone knows that we would have a great chance of going through if only we had been at full strenght. Those who weren't available due to these Covid-19 woes, are usually capable of bringing that little bit extra, but that's the way it is now. Mind you, you shouldn't go underestimating Kiev either. They were well-positioned. It's a pity we are out now, that's just the harsh truth. We now need to go for that Cup and title 100%, but this elimination sure does hurt a bit right now." (FDC)  

Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

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