Ruud Vormer: "All out next week!"

A clearly relieved skipper Ruud Vormer after the tight win at AA Gent. Club grabbed the three points, even if it had to struggle until the very last second.


"It's just a really important victory. Today was not about playing nice football. Just get that 0-1 and that's it. The only thing that matters right now is getting those points, that's all that matters. It's always great to be winning here, we knew how tough it can get. Once again, there have been some VAR moments, but what can I say? The goal they scored was disallowed for obvious reasons, while ours was pretty tight apparently, but that's the way it goes sometimes."

Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

On Sunday, the clash with leaders Genk awaits. "We'll be going all out again next week. We know this is a vital one, and it's s a bit of a topic in our dressing room. We just have to grab those three points, and we'll see what happens after that. You never know they might start to doubt and we could make the most of it. There's no way they can win the title on our grounds, but we just have to look at ourselves. We can still win it ourselves too, and that's what we should be focussing on. It's a bit of a peculiar situation, really, as these have been tremendous PO's for us, with 16 out of 21 so far. An unseen result, but Genk is also playing at a high level. That's what makes it all the more fun and exciting." (TM)

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