Friday 20 January 2023 00:00

Scott Parker: "Not enough urge to score that second"

Still no win for a dejected coach Parker at Club after a draw at STVV .

"Of course I am disappointed after this game", the coach started out his talk. "We were in control in the first half, and took the lead. In the second half, we failed to look for more goals, and that's something I'm not happy with. It was our intention to find the opening where we could, but we really should have looked for that second goal. It was not as if our team was under great pressure, but at 1-0 ther's always that chance for an equaliser, and unfortunately it turned out like that. It doesn't matter whether it's an individual error or not. We were still in control, but with too little urgency for more goals, and that's disappointing."
Finding an explanation for this lacklustre attitude is difficult. "I reckon we had the right rhythm, but this didn't lead to much danger. In the first half that worked out fine, and we managed to find the opening with some fine chances created. In the second half, they played a more counter game, but that was to be expected. The way in which we started out in the second half, was not how it's supposed to be. We need to work on that, particularly on our will to score more goals and keep the opponent from finding their way back into the game."
The second half saw a more confident STVV. "At 1-0, it's only logical that they kept believing, but we also helped them in that respect with the way we played in that second half. We didn't succeed in remaining dangerous ourselves or to get our attacking players in an attacking position. We didn't succeed in putting pressure on our opponent. We played a waiting game, but I want our team to play forward and to score goals. With the score still at 1-0, you allow the fans to stay behind their team, and anything can happen."
The Anderlecht game's conclusion was that Club is suffering from a mental problem, and tonight's performance once again proved that statement. "Definitely, and it's something we need to get past quickly. Still so much work to do, there's no denying that. Everyone knows it, but it takes time. We will be analysing this game tomorrow, so we can address our weak points swiftly. That's the only way we can become the team we want to be."
An excellent save was followed up with an unfortunate equaliser; Mignlet looked a bit clumsy in that phase. "I haven't seen the footage just yet, but we will be analysing that goal tomorrow, just as all chances we conceded, just like we always do."
Coach Parker is still waiting for his first victory since joining Club. "Obviously that's not the situation I was hoping for, but I'm not going to fixate on that. What I want most is to create and build the team to what we want to see. That's what's most important right now", Scott Parker concluded. (TM)

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