Siebe Schrijvers: “Awesome team performance”

Siebe Schrijvers is playing on a very high level and scored the second Club goal on the counter.


“It was an awesome team performance. The beginning was tough since Standard were organized well. It is a good team but our first goal was a slap in their face. We just continued afterwards. We lead 3-0 at halftime so the game was already played. The owngoal was crucial of course. Our high pressure resulted in a deserved victory."

Siebe Schrijvers
Siebe Schrijvers

Siebe Schrijvers scored his twelfth goal of the season tonight. "The numbers are definitely good. But I am especially satisfied with the three points and I am happy to contribute to our great team performance. The three points are important every game again. There are two or three title favourites but there is still a long way to go. We already played two fabulous home games and obtained a historical victory at Anderlecht. Our start is good. We also know we still have strong players on the bench. Hopefully, we can play our own game at Genk. It will be a tough one since Racing Genk are also a machine." (KN)

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