Siebe Schrijvers: “Even before that red card we were the better team”

With commitment and stamina, Club outplayed AA Gent. If Gent thought it would grab something at Club, it was quickly set straight by Siebe Schrijvers, aiming a long range shot against the crossbar only a couple of minutes into the game.


“A very good game on our behalf. I think it's fair to say that we were the better team even before that sending off. We had enough chances to counth them out in the first twenty minutes. In fact, 2-0 was a meagre result given our play in the first 45 minutes. Heading for the dressing rooms with such an intermediate score is great, of course. After the break, we knew we needed a swift third goal to really kill the game. Fortunately we managed to do that.”

Siebe Schrijvers
Siebe Schrijvers

Many will say that the Vadis Odjidja's sending off determined the rest of the game, but Schrijvers wouldn't hear of it. "Of course that was a serious blow to Gent's aspirations, but I do reckon that our second half just after that sending off really punched their lights out. What was left to do is keep them from getting into the game again. It's true that we could have scored three or more goals more, but let's hope we saved them for our trip to Anderlecht on Thursday.” (FDC)

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