Siebe Schrijvers: “Left Genk no chance”

Plenty of top performances from Club's side yesterday, but the MVP was perhaps Siebe Schrijvers. Against his former employer, the forward managed an assist and a goal, setting up Club for the win.


“Our goal was to give Genk no chance. And I reckon we managed to that just fine. We tried to pin Genk back, keeping them from playing their usual game. It was vital to take the lead, something that goes for any top game. And yes, my assist to allow Mata to score the opener, and my 2-0 just before half time really helped us.”

Siebe Schrijvers
Siebe Schrijvers

Schrijvers played a major role in Club's overcoming Genk. "It's a great feeling to be deciding in these types of games, but keep in mind that I couldn't have done this without my team mates. Against my former team, this was a particular game. I spent 14 years of my life there, so pulling in a good performance was great. It's clear that I haven't regretted my move to Club for a single moment. To the contrary, even. It took some time getting used to the new circumstances for me, but at this point I'm acquainted with the playing style, and I'm getting back to my top form, just like the rest of the team. We now have to confirm these great performances in the week to come. I reckon anything's possible if we manage to do so.” (FDC) 

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