Siebe Schrijvers: “Trouble finding space"

Siebe Schrijvers started from kick-off, and had a fine chance straight from the word go. He wasn't able to score, however, adding to the inefficiency his colleagues showed. Just before the hour mark, the Limburg midfielder headed for the bench.


“I haven't been playing all that much lately, and it weighs on me, both mentally and physically. But I'm happy with the playing time I had today, even if it wasn't easy as that Leuven man was chasing me all the time. I tried finding spae and to help being decisive. Leuven posted one man against every single one of our players, making it hard to find space. We tried countering that with infiltrating defenders. Leuven also proved dangerous on the break, but that was it really. (KN)

Siebe Schrijvers
Siebe Schrijvers

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