Sunday 27 February 2022 16:30

Simon Mignolet: “The Club fans had a nice afternoon"

Simon Mignolet had not a lot of work in the top match against Antwerp. Club obtained a deserved victory and is still ranked second for the moment.

“It is a deserved victory", started Simon Mignolet after the victory. "We controlled the entire match and were the better team. It feels good to win in a convincing way. We could give something to our fans because they went through a tough period. It is not only fun for us but also for them. We could also have won this match 1-0 or 2-1 but this is something totally different. All Club fans had a beautiful day.

Mignolet was blinded by the sun when Antwerp scored. "The sun was standing low. We were talking about it before the match to switch sides. However, I preferred to play towards our fans in the second half so we didn't switch sides. Then you have to accept that. The ball went high and I shouted to let go when the ball started. It was my ball and I had to catch it by jumping but I couldn't see the ball anymore because of the sun. I started shouting but it was to late to respond. I can laugh with it today but it would have been sour to lose in such way."

Club now have seven points less than leader Union. "We knew the results of the other matches and then you have to do your job. We not only keep three important points home but also made a statement. We take one match at a time. It is important that we controlled the past couple of matches and didn't give away a lot. Today we didn't give away anything because their goal wasn't even a chance. In that way, you can win more easily and we did that today." (KN)

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