Friday 2 September 2022 23:45

Simon Mignolet: “This was a good final rehearsal”

Club beat Cercle 4-0 in the derby. Another clean sheet for Simon Mignolet, who was pleased with how his side performed.

"This 4-0 win is a good final rehearsal for Wednesday", Big Si reflects on the derby win. "I think we are getting getting to the point where we want to be. Winning 4-0 before starting the Champions League is a great boost of confidence. And if it happens against Cercle, well that's a bonus for our fans. I think we've made it easy for ourselved today, because Cercle did quite good putting a lot of high pressure and trying to prevent us from playing from the back. Especially during the first twenty minutes we tried to get the ball higher up the pitch rather than building up from the back. We scored the opener at the right time, just before the half-time whistle, and controlled the game in the second half. We did it perfectly and increased our advantage on the right moments."

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

"Looking back at it, we mostly played on their half and waited for the right moment to strike. Once we were 2-0 up, they were forced to give up more space and we took advantage. I don't think we gave away a lot of chances either, so that's a good feeling as well. And we were efficient in the attacking third. We've welcomed a few new players in the past couple of days. Obviously they are still finding their way, so it will take some time before they are at their best possible level. Wednesday's game against Leverkusen is very important for us. If you want to show yourself in the Champions League, you have to try and win your home matches." (FDC)

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