Sunday 15 May 2022 16:45

Simon Mignolet: “Back again next season"

Another game, another MOTM award for Simon Mignolet after his crucial role in Club Brugge's title race. Club's goalie set the standard in these Champions’ play-offs, and was once again instrumental in Club Brugge's win over Antwerp.

“I'm super stoked that we clinched the deal. I know I would be important today, and that 1-0 after 45 minutes was only after some really important saves. At half-time, I gathered the boys, as we won far too little duels in the first half, and you cannot beat Antwerp if you don't start winning duels. You just know those balls will be coming in the box when they play with Samatta and Frey. First you then need to start winning those duels, and that's what I told them. We reacted well in the second hafl, winning duels, and then you can see the quality we have in our team, really making the difference. I was called upon in the first half, and had some long balls to deal with in the second. I can help the team with my saves, but what I did at half-time was far more important.” 

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

“I'm not one to yell a lot at my defense, but they were all a bit taken aback by the circumstances. There's a title at stake, and you need to get yourself in that position. That's not easy with many young players, so I'm thrilled we were able to set that straight at half-time. We started playing football again, winning duels, and then you can see we are the better team.”

“I'm still very eager for more. With three titles in the pocket now, but I still haven't won the Cup. That's something I want to add to my List of Honors. Celebrating the league win with the fans was also something I wanted, as it had been a bit peculiar with corona and all that. To be celebrating with them today is just great. Winning three in a row doesn't mean I don't want it to become four. I'll be back again next season to try and win something again. I have been through a rough patch, but then it's a matter of swallowing that bitter pill and show how much you want something. For me personally, I'm thrilled it worked out, even if I'm not interested in what others think of me.” (BD)

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