Simon Mignolet: “Felt like more was in it"

Thirty minutes played, and hardly anything to do. Still, Simon Mignolet had fished three out of his nets. A frustrating night for Club's goalie.


“Conceding the opener in the first fifteen minutes made it extra hard on us. Still, I felt more was in it despite the clear 0-3. If we could have kept it at 0-0 a bit longer and scored one of our chances before they scored, it could have been a different game. We should have been a bit more resilient in our duelling, and I don't think they would have taken the lead so early on. In retrospect, everything's easy but still. For them, the game was over and done with after 45 minutes, but after the break they clearly didn't push on as they did in the first, making the game more in balance.”

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

The first real attack by Dortmund proved golden. "I tried anticipating on that right wing cross, but I only had a few fingers to the ba twice, seeing it end up in goal. That sucks, but that's the way it goes. As I put earlier, if we would have been able to keep them at 0-0 a bit longer, I'm fully convinced it could have ended differently.”


The defeat means Club claims four out of nine so far. "That's a result we would have wanted any day. I don't think we should readjust our ambitions. The result of the game between Zenit and Lazio is in our advantage. After this defeat, we now have to rectify things away from home. But that's something we've already done at Galatasaray last season.”​ (FDC/SF)

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