Simon Mignolet: “Great boost in view of the international break”

Simon Mignolet faced two penalty kicks today. Club's goalie saw the first chip off the post, but was helpless as the second went in. Still, Club scored one more and took a 1-2 and three points to Bruges.


“We're so relieved with this win. Three points instead of one, it's a big difference. We now take six out of four games; it's still not up to standard. But four out of twelve, that would have been a big difference. I'm really thrilled. Particularly because it was aginst KRC Genk, a fine outfit too. This comes as a massive boost for us just before the international break. We should continue along that track after the break. It's vital for us.”

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

Club put in a great first half performance at KRC Genk. “We played really well in the first half. We created many chances, and took the lead with great timing. That second half started out a bit unfortunate with a conceded spot kick and another a bit later. I reckon I had a touch to that player, but I can't really say wether that ball would have been playable after that. I wasn't able to see that. But conceding two penalty kicks and still beating them 1-2, we can only be happy with that. Our first half outshone our second, but the result is all that matters today. That's the boost we will be taking with us as we will try and follow the line we did last season.” (KN)

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