Wednesday 26 October 2022 21:15

Simon Mignolet: “It was clearly not our evening"

Simon Mignolet kept his sheet clean in fixtures one to four of the Champions League but had to concede four goals against FC Porto. It was a bad evening for the Blues but Club Brugge can still be first in their group.

“For the moment, I am not able to tell what went wrong.", started the goalkeeper of the Blues his press talk. "Therefore, we first have to analyse this match. The beginning was definitely very tough for us because Porto put a lot of pressure. In this way, they brought us into troubles. We then conceded a stupid goal just when we started to gain control. You then have to run behind the facts of course. The visitors started playing even more on the counterattack afterwards. They have the perfect players for that which is why it was tough for us until halftime. We wanted to get back into the game and we succeeded in that but we missed a penalty twice then. You have to be honest then: it was clearly not our night."


Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

"It was certainly not our plan to play a poor match tonight because we really want to win our group. This 0-4 defeat is very pity and we are of course disappointed with the result and our own match. However, sometimes you have to learn to accept that. It depends on the details in top matches like these. We did not take our moments tonight which is something we did in the past duels. I prefer having to concede four goals in one match and none in the other matches. They made a statement with their 0-4 victory which is hard for us. However, we can only learn from our mistakes. We will have to miss a few key players at Leverkusen next week due to suspensions but our squad is large enough to deal with that. We now face Ostend at home on Saturday and we can then turn our thoughts towards Germany." (FDC)

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