Simon Mignolet: “Need some time to process this”

Simon Mignolet was cleary disappointed. The goalkeeper was called upon a couple of times in the opening minutes, but didn't have a chance when Refaelov tapped in unmarked.


“If we play the first half like we did in the second, then I'm sure we are the ones lifting the cup. We weren't ready against a hard-working Antwerp. They did everything to win. That's how we lose a final that we always had to win. We definitely wanted to, but we didn't fight hard enough. If we had, we would have created more dangerous than we did now. We didn't win the double today, so that's our goal for the upcoming season. I will need some time to process this, then we look ahead to next week's start of the league." (KV)

Simon Mignolet tijdens de bekerfinale.
Simon Mignolet tijdens de bekerfinale.

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