Simon Mignolet: “Now beat Real Madrid at home”

Mixed feelings after the game for Club's goalie: the goal he conceded left Simon Mignolet without a chance, but that was just about it for Club's Nr 1 for the evening.


"Scoring so late in the game leaves you euphoric, obviously. But it's with mixed feelings that we leave here, because more was in it today. An earlier equaliser would have given us the chance to go over Galatasaray. In the second half, they had nothing more to say and we had the better chances. We now waited for the last minute to score.”

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

The game wasn't exactly a sight for sore eyes, but Mignolet was very happy with the vital point at the Ali Sami Yen. “It wasn't easy playing football. The opponent, the home fans and the ref all played their part. Every slight foul was whistled, and the game was interrupted way too much. Galatasaray had difficulty with our swift players, trying to make up for it with a mature approach and trying to take the pace out of the game. They were reluctant to play football in the second half. But we kept fighting to the very last second and got the point we needed. We wanted to keep hold of that third spot, and we managed to do so. More was in it today, and that's how it's going for us in this CL campaign. We always played well but that win is still lacking. Let's hope we can finally claim it in our home game against Real Madrid." (SF)

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