Sunday 22 August 2021 21:30

Simon Mignolet: “Three points for our fans"

It was initially a calm evening for Simon Mignolet but two goals of Beerschot still created suspense at the end. However, the Blues kept the three points home which satisfied our goalkeeper.

“It felt good to play again in a full Jan Breydel. I hope we can continue playing like this now. I am happy for them and for ourselves because this helps to win games. Putting pressure in the second half with the fans behind us makes it tough for the opponent. A full stadium certainly helps us. Hopefully this gives us an additional boost now."


The red card of Nsoki and the second goal of Beerschot still created suspense at the end. "We came into troubles because of the red card but keeping the three points home for our fans matters the most today. Normally we should win more easily and we don't have to concede goals at the end of a game. Beerschot could still hope for more but they didn't create a chance anymore to score the equalizer." (KN)

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