Saturday 8 October 2022 23:45

Simon Mignolet: “We did not take our moments"

Three clean sheets in the Champions League but Club had two concede two goals today. Simon Mignolet claimed there was a foul on him when Westerlo opened the score.

“We did not take our moments", opened Mignolet his press talk. "I think we had enough possibilities to open the score in the first half which would have made it much easier for us to win against this team. They came here for one point, which is their right of course, and they score at a very bad moment for us. You know it will be an even more difficult evening then. I have not yet seen the video of their first goal but there was contact between the player of Westerlo and myself. I wanted to grab the ball but could not do so because of this contact... According to me that is a clear foul but that was not the case for neither the Man in Black, neither the VAR. This 0-2 defeat is of course annoying because it is already our third defeat this season. And it is already our second defeat after a European match. We need to learn how to be efficient in order to avoid similar problems. I don't think tiredness is the reason for this loss because many fresh players were playing. We just forgot to grab our moments. Even after the 0-1 we still got a few possibilities to score the equalizer but things did not turn out like that.”(FDC)

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