Sunday 23 January 2022 16:00

Simon Mignolet: “We have to be more efficient"

Simon Mignolet saw a very efficient Standard on the counterattack. As a result, Club had to be happy with a draw. The Blues don't put more pressure on Union in this way.

“Standard was dangerous on the counterattack. At least until we were standing with ten men on the field. We were the better team buty they came with powerplay at the end after the red card. We played a good match but gave too much away on the counterattack. They scored twice in this way and there was also that phase at the end. You have to be happy with one point then. It is not easy to grab something here, look at the past couple of years."

Clinton Mata assisted Mignolet at the end to prevent Standard from scoring a third goal. "I didn't see it myself because Mata was standing behind me. It was like pinball. Luckily the ball did not end in our target. Mata always gives everything. It is not the first time this happens with him." 

The Blues again lose points against Standard. "We could have won both matches. We lose two points now. We wanted to come closer to Union and wanted to take the three points home. We played a good match but they score on the counterattack. We tried to play dominantly again after halftime but again created difficulties for ourselves. We can be happy with the way we played and the chances we had. However, we need to be more efficient. Conceding goals is part of soccer. The worst thing is losing points here. We already lost too many points this season. We could also have won today despite conceding two goals." (KN)

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