Sunday 6 February 2022 17:00

Simon Mignolet: ”Better performance than on Wednesday”

No back-to-back wins for Club Brugge against AA Gent, and no clean sheet for Simon Mignolet either. Gent managed to put two past Simon, making it a 1-2 defeat for Club Brugge on the night.

“We played better than we did during the midweek", Club's goalie started out. "We were in control of the game, with more grip, but we created too few chances to really unsettle Gent, particularly in the first half. We also didn't give anything way, except for that break. We re-shuffled things at half time in order to try and make up for that deficit, but we took a bad start to that second half, in which we were lucky not to concede a second, but that came later anyway, again on the break, and we were a bit rebuffed, making it a rough afternoon at Jan Breydel.”

The way the game went was entirely different than on Wednesday for the Cup. "We tried keeping hold of the ball more, which makes it look slower and more tedious for the outside world. We wanted to control the game like we did in the Cup game. With four clean sheets in the past weeks, and earning easier wins, we hoped that would be the case too today. If we could have created more chances in the first half, Gent would have faltered. They wouldn't have been able to go for the counter attack.”

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

The gap with leaders Union is now downright stupendous. “I'm not thinking about the points and about our ranking, we are just looking at ourselves right now. When you're chasing, you need to make sure you grab those points first. We didn't do so today, that's something that needs to change. Eighteen points are still up for grabs in the Champions' play-offs. I'm not one to start counting, it's still too early days for that.” (KN)

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