Thursday 10 November 2022 00:00

Simon Mignolet: "The most important thing is the qualification"

The Blues had a tough evening at Patro Eisden Maasmechelen. Simon Mignolet came to the rescue just before the final whistle with a good reflex.

“I expected a tough evening. You know that beforehand. Luckily we qualify for the next round. That is the only thing that matters."

Club did not create a lot of chances. "It was a tough match for us. We created few chances. We know it was not a great performance and we know we should do better. We are working hard on that every day again. We tried to find the openings. However, if you don't score early in a match like this and they become dangerous on the counterattack, you create troubles for yourself of course."

He continued: "The mental aspect is the most important thing. It is not easy to come here since you have everything to lose. For them it's different, they can only win. Losing would have been hard. The qualification is the most important thing. We can now work on the mental aspect. We need to learn how to stay cool in such matches." 

The Blues will almost have a break due to the World Cup. “The match against Antwerp has place on Sunday. After that match we can work on a couple of things."

Mignolet came to the rescue with a crucial save in the final minutes. "I just do my job. I already told before that I really want to win the Cup. I am happy when I can add value to the team."

Noa Lang scored twice in extra time and was elected as Man of the Match. “Noa is a very good and calm guy. Today he proved he can be important for us by scoring twice. That is the most important thing." 

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