Thursday 6 February 2020 00:00

Simon Mignolet: "Substitutions turned the game around"

A crucial role for Simon Mignolet in getting Club Brugge qualified for the Cup Final, denying Waregem a goal with some vital saves.

"It turned out to be a fiery game. A game here is never a gift. I'm happy to have been able to contribute to a solid collective performance, and that my slip-up in the first leg wasn't decisive. Our goal this season has been to get as far as we can in any competition, and we just grabbed hold of the Final of our first goal! Two palyers coming on made it go our way here today. That's what our entire selection is for. The coach has a rotation system, which helps us in our big run of fixtures; every player is important, also in view of the play-offs. Today Charles De Ketelaere won the game for us; you just can't put an age limit on talent. Charles has been living proof at training the entire season. And now he's also showing it in games. Together with his family, we try to guide him as a group, but it's fine to see he's got both feet firmly planted on the ground." (KV)

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

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