Sunday 22 May 2022 21:45

Simon Mignolet: "What a release"

With a number of fine saves, Simon Mignolet single-handedly kept Anderlecht from opening the score in the first half. The game between the two rivals ended in a 1-1 draw.

“In the run-up towards the game, I had the feeling that the first twenty minutes would be hard for us. Anderlecht played a freed game, and played well. Fortunately I was able to carry my weight, and we also scored with perfect timing. In the second half, we were more in control, even if it's a pity about that goal we conceded. But on the other hand, we again earned a fine result under today's circumstances. We should be very happy with the way we played these play-offs, not just me, but the entire group. We've come a really long way, and we did what it took. That pitch invasion is only logical, after two years of nothing. I'm really happy we were able to celebrate with them. It was quite the release.”

With still some time on the clock, Simon Mignolet was taken off under loud applause. “The coach told me he would do that before the game. It's a really nice gesture, I have to thank him for it. Not only in my career, but in my life this will be an experience I will always carry with me. I've been through so much, but this really does something to me. I thanked the fans, who always had my back, even in the darker days. I'm happy to have been able to give something in return. Did it look like a farewell? That's a bit too soon. This really boosts my appetite for more and to do it all again next year. I showed that I still have my value at the age of 34, and I'm sure it will be like that for another six or seven years. As of Tuesday, it's the national squad again, with four important fixtures coming up. And we'll be going for it once again next season.” (KN)

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