Stefano Denswil: "Vital to start out focused"

Stefano Denswil opened the score early on in the game. A Vanaken corner kick ended up with the Dutchman by the far post, hammering it in one go.


"An early goal was very important. This was the way we wanted to take on this game. We had a trashing at Standard, so it was vital to start out well-focused in front of our home audience, and keep playing along the lines of our Dortmund game. We did that well. Back when we played in Liège, they started doing tricks, making fools of us on their own grounds. I guess we did about the same today. Things are looking good for us, we put eight points between us again. We'll see what the other teams will do now. It's a great feeling, and I'm thrilled we won."

Stefano Denswil
Stefano Denswil

Missing out on the Cup action this week feels awkward to the Dutchman. "We want to claim as many prizes as we can, but unfortanetely we put a premature ending to our Cup dreams. Are we happy with the rest? We also had times of rest in the past few weeks. We conceded a 1-3 defeat last week after the international break, so I'm not really a fan of resting periods."


Denswil also offered his views on Cyril Ngonge's maiden game at Club. "I read that he did well with Club's U21s, which I saw for myself a couple of times too. He's also doing what he can with us. It's a big step for hime, but he has taken it very well. He had been with us in the preparation to the season, but he has been given another chance with all those players out. One's dead is another's bread." (KN)

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