Wednesday 3 February 2021 22:15

Thomas Van den Keybus: “Too bad I hit the crossbar”

There were a lot of youngsters in Clement's starting eleven for this cup game. One of them was Thomas Van Den Keybus. The midfielder was everywhere on the pitch and could look back on a great performance.

“It's a great feeling to start this game as a youngster", said the 19-year-old midfielder. "It was an entertaining cup game, but I already look forward to the next games. All the players are physically in great shape which is important given the fact that we have a lot of games to play in the upcoming weeks. For me, there was one negative aspect about this game. The chance I missed. Too bad I hit the underside of the bar, but hopefully I can score next time I'm given the chance to play. This opportunity is great and I want to play more games with the first team, but I know I have to be patient and grab my chances when I get them." (FDC)

Thomas Van den Keybus
Thomas Van den Keybus

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