Tuesday 27 August 2019 22:30

Tonight at 21h: Club Brugge – LASK

Tonight's the night! Club Brugge will be hosting the all-deciding return game against LASK to decide who makes it to the CL Group Stages. Get in the know with our pre-game run-up.

Playing in the heart of defense, 27-year old skipper Gernot Trauner proves efficient in corner kicks and free kicks. Usually teed up by Michori, the Austrian international honed his goal scoring skills in the Austrian Bundesliga, and in the European encounter with Basel. Definitely one to keep an eye out for!

Bringing grinta and relentless effort to the table, Ruud Vormer embodies Club Brugge's ‘No Sweat, No Glory’ mentality. A born leader both on and off the pitch, the 31 year old Dutchman helps his team with numerous assists and vital goals. No doubt a vibrant Jan Breydel will be able to count upon a very eager Ruud tonight!

Handling the whistle tonight will be Mr. Felix Brych, a seasoned German ref, assisted by his compatriots Mr. Mark Borsch and Mr. Stefan Lupp (linesmen) and Mr. Tobias Stieler (fourth official). Manning the VAR booth will be Mr. Bastian Denkert and Mr. Marco Fritz.

No doubt it will be a highly motivated LASK appearing at kick-off tonight. Despite the narrow defeat at the hands of tonight's hosts, coach Valérien Ismaël's outfit proved a sturdy opponent, ready to roll up its sleeves to get the job done. Last weekend, Linz beat Rapid Vienna 1-2, courtesy of two Marko Raguz goals. The win keeps the team in second place in the Austrian Bundesliga, two teams behind league leaders Salzburg.

A penalty goal by Hans Vanaken set the two teams apart in the first leg last week. The home team had taken an excruciating start, leading to a bundle of chances in the very first minutes. Club's first threat, however, proved golden: Loïs Openda was brought down inside the box, and Hans Vanaken scored that all-important away goal. An effervescent LASK tried to restore the balance in the score, but Club stayed abreast, and had its way at goal a couple of times too. In a vibrant Jan Breydel, backed by its fantastic twelfth man, Club will go full steam ahead for that spot in the Champions League Group Stages!

A tiny bonus for Club as it takes on LASK with a 0-1 win in the first leg. A win or a draw means Club always makes it to the CL group stages. To do so, Philippe Clement selected the following names:

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