Foundation Projects

As a top team Club Brugge plays an important social exemplary role. The togetherness-feeling is part of the Club DNA. That is why the blue and black participates in so many different social projects in which football is used as a tool to raise awareness around social themes like integration, development, education, health, safety, fair play and anti racism.

All this under one common numerator: Club Brugge Foundation. The projects of the Club Brugge foundation Club Brugge are cataloged in one of the four pillars: SPORTS, UNITED, HEALTH, EDUCATION.


As a top sports team Club Brugge ensures that sports are accessible for everyone. It encourages different groups to actively participate in sports.


Everybody counts at Club Brugge, despite someone's possibilities, skills and capabilities. We try to connect people through these projects.


'Mens sana in corpore sano', a healthy mind in a healthy body. As a top sports team we have to lead the way when it comes to a healthy life style. We do this with one of the following projects.


Club Brugge has the power to inspire and motivate people. We do this with the following projects.

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