Twinterview met Shangyuan Wang: het verslag

Deze middag beantwoordde Shangyuan Wang via Twitter vragen van onze supporters. De beste vragen en antwoorden vind je hieronder. 


<strong>Okay so who&#39;s the best cook? You or Matt? :-) (you have to chose, you can pick yourself...) #twinterview (Simon Callewaert)</strong><br />
Definitely me cc @MatyRyan :) #twinterview</p>
<strong>Who is your best mate in Bruges #twinterview (jorni vandenbulcke)</strong><br />
My best friends in the team are @MatyRyan and @SvennD50 :) #twinterview</p>
<strong>Can you describe your feelings when you scored your goal in the first game of the season against Charleroi? #Twinterview (Jurgen Wouters)</strong><br />
Off course it was very special for me. I&#39;m looking forward for my next goal :) #twinterview</p>
<strong>What was the reaction of your family when you told them you decided to come to Club Brugge? #Twinterview (Chris)</strong><br />
They were very happy and are proud of me. #twinterview</p>
<strong>You already played at several positions on the pitch. What do you think is your best position? #Twinterview (Michel Berix)</strong><br />
My best position is behind the striker, but I&#39;ll do my best on the position where the team needs me. #twinterview</p>
<strong>You played well the first games of the season. What are your goals for the rest of the season? #twinterview (Stefanie Saelens)</strong><br />
I want to score ten goals and play as much as possible. #twinterview</p>
<strong>What is your favorite team in Europe? #twinterview (Kevin Claes)</strong><br />
Barcelona! #twinterview</p>
<strong>What is the biggest difference between football in Belgium and football in China? #twinterview (Kevin Claes)</strong><br />
In Belgium, football is faster and more physical. #twinterview<br />

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