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Club Brugge as the first Benelux team on BeReal for Brands

Exactly one year ago, Club Brugge started its own BeReal account. However, we could not share our exclusive content with everyone, due to the the limit of 500 friends. That will finally change, as the platform now welcomes famous people and brands by invitation. And Club Brugge received such an invitation! 

With some 27 million users, the app BeReal is incredibly popular. Every user gets a notification at a different time every day, after which they have two minutes to take a photo. In other words, the app forces you to, literally, Be Real. And as of today, the application also invites a select group of famous people and brands. Consequently, Club has already received such an invitation, alongside other teams like PSG, Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund.

What can you expect from Club Brugge on BeReal? A daily dose of reality content about what goes on behind the scenes at FCB: the first person arriving at Basecamp, a look in the kitchen, a glimpse in the dressing room and so on. Everything depends on the moment of the notification. 

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