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Reactions after Club Brugge – KV Kortrijk

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Post-game reactions come courtesy of Hans Vanaken, Brandon Mechele and Ronny Deila.

Hans Vanaken: “Enough chances to come out on  top”

Kortrijk's late equaliser baffled Hans Vanaken. Club had had plenty of chances to easily reel this one in, but conceding three goals proved too high a hurdle to overcome.

“Two points thrown away, really, as this game should have been all over at half time. It could easily have been 3-0 at that point if only we could have been more efficient. We really handed it to them out of nowhere. Three goals in gift wrapping, that's not a good job. They came here to stall and get that point, and in the end their little plan worked. Play this game ten times, and you win each and every one of them. Things were okay when it comes to grinta, we just should have scored more goals. Some things also didn't go our way, we missed that bit of luck. But in the end, we had plenty of chances to come out on top. When we scored that 2-2, you just felt like more was in it. And it came true as Thiago headed it in, but at that point you just have to complete the time. What's also frustrating is that seven minutes were added in the advantage of the team winning time troughout the game. As a ref you should be wary of this, the team wanting to play football gets slapped  like this.”

Club has lost out on many points so far this season. “It's the kind of game you should always win, but where you just aren't lucky, or lack efficiency or hand out goals. It's not the best of feelings, but we need to get past this quickly. Work hard and win on Sunday. This was unnecessary, two goals through ball loss on our own half. We should do better in that  respect. We need to keep going along the lines we have set out in the past weeks at Antwerp on Sunday, and again claim that victory. We have shown some good stuff in the past weeks, and we haven't lost in many games on a string either.” (KN)

Brandon Mechele: “Silly point loss“

Having scored in two consecutive games, Brandon Mechele still wasn't happy with the game's result tonight. Clearly disheartened, Club's central defender talked to the press.

“Such silly point loss, particularly if you always want to win this home game. But it goes to show that there can always be surprises in football. Conceding three goals today against a team that has only scored five this season away from home, that's just mindblowing. I don't know just what went wrong in that final minute, but we were backing away, while they were playing an all-or-nothing game. And then that ball falls to their feet.”

“We started out rather well in this game, creating many chances, but failed to extend that lead. We should have put a larger margin than that 1-0. And then they score that 1-1 out of  nowhere, and a tiny sense of panic creeps into our ranks. Ball loss in midfield then leads to a second goal, making it even harder on us. When you then get back to 3-2, you think you can easily play it out, but tonight was not the case apparently.”

When asked whether this draw could come as a mental blow, Mechele was clear. "This point loss is a bitter one for sure. Particularly as we still have a lot of ground to cover to get back, and with the hefty programme awaiting. On the other hand, there's still so many games, a lot can happen. We now need to draw lessons from this experience, and on to the next one.” (MV)

Ronny Deila: “Should draw lessons from this”

With over 30 chances created, Club Brugge should always be claiming the full loot against KV Kortrijk, but the hosts had to settle for a draw after an incredible end to the game. A blow to Club and its coach Ronny Deila.

“A disappointment, obviously. We produced some fine football, creating many chances. We really should have killed the game much earlier on. We also kicked off well in the second half, but called a lot of hassle upon ourselves. After that 1-2 we showed great team spirit and it looked like we were on the road to victory. But the way that 3-3 came about was hugely disappointing. We need to draw lessons from  this. KV Kortrijk showed great spirit and mentality, but we really should have made more of our chances to make sure the game went our way. We knew they would be trying to lure on the break. We now need to let go of this disappointment, as another thriller awaits on Sunday at Antwerp.” (SF)

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